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Essentials of Degradation and Prevention of Hard Disc in Computer

Goswami B., Choudhary B.N., Das D., Prasad S.K., Rao Y.P., Dasgupta A., Prasad S., Sharma G.S., Gautam T.P.K., Singh S.P., Sharma V.


Studies about degradation of hard disc drives (HDD) became a topic due to differences in number of failures by field survey to that of drive’s self-monitoring facility or Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). Detection of degradation has stemmed from usage of HDD in place of floppy discs. Increasing capacity and performances have been additive advantages. Everything that has a beginning also has an ending and so does the hard disk drive. Desires for further improvements in life have come from accelerated degradation studies. Sensor signals about HDD failures have been suggested but their compact configuration has discarded this provision. Wear over continually increased high giga bite (GB) HDD was found to be the cause of degradation. Increasing capacity arose from continuous decrease in isolation island measurements, e.g., less than one nanometer is supposed to short circuit easily by any means of deterioration.

Keywords: Acoustic attack, Computer, corrosion, datacenters, degradation, electrical contacts, fretting, gold, HDD (hard disc drive), magnet, nanoparticles, passivation, protection, wear

Cite this Article: Goswami B., Prasad S.K., Choudhary B.N., Das D., Dasgupta A., Prasad S., Sharma G.S., Gautam T.P.K., Singh S.P., Rao Y.P., Sharma V. Essentials of Degradation and Prevention of Hard Disc in Computer. International Journal of Solid State Materials. 2019; 5(1): 31–45p.

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