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Mini Hydro Power Plant: A Comparative Analysis

Sarthak Shakya, Anjali Srivastava, Shashank Mishra


Clean and green electricity has been generated by hydropower is a regenerative energy source. The
process that allows hydropower plants to make hydroelectricity will be explored in this academic paper.
Many kinds of rural numbers around the world, including those in Nepal, India, and China, as well as
more industrialized countries like the United States, now have access to emission-free power sources
thanks to small hydropower projects. A small hydropower system can be able to satisfy your energy
requirements in your location if hydropower plant technology is acceptable for the region at hand. The
basic components of the system, the demand for licenses and water rights, and possible ways for selling
any excess electricity generated by micro hydroelectric facilities will also be covered. Constructing a
tiny hydroelectric plant might be good for small canals, rivers, etc.

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