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Performance Evaluation of Various Routing Algorithms Using Optimisation Methods

H. Fathima


Since nature displays a wide variety of diverse, constantly robust, sophisticated, and fascinating
phenomena, it is a huge and immense source of inspiration for addressing difficult and complex
problems in computer science. Metaheuristics called "nature inspired algorithms" solve
optimisation problems by mimicking nature, ushering in a new era of computing. This study
implements a new agent-based routing algorithm that makes use of optimisation techniques. The
various optimisation strategies utilised in the packet distribution between the networks include
crow search, whale, butterfly, donkey, and flower pollination. The process of routing involves
moving data through a network from source to destination. The simulation time of these
algorithms affects their result. The NS2 programming system, which is built on the fundamentals
of C, C++, and the TCL scripting language acquisition, is used to implement the investigations.
The results of the algorithm showed that the Butterfly algorithm is much better than the other
algorithms in the packet delivery between the networks.

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