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Review on Gas Detection with Micro- and Nanostructured Optical Fibers

Shubham Kasaudhan


A high-sensitivity, compressed set-up, which allow the precise measurement of low concentration of gas, based on micro structured optic fiber (MOF) was established. Some of MOFs were designed especially for this research purpose and functioned as the gas cells of
the apparatus during the spectroscopic measurements. Both direct absorption and photoacoustic spectroscopy based detection schemes are discussed. In the case of fibers’ mass production, presented research project may lead to low cost, high-sensitivity and real time measurement system. This paper overviews recent development in gas detection with micro- and nano-engineered optical fibers, including hollow-core fibers, suspended-core fibers, tapered optical micro/nano fibers, and fiber-tip micro-cavities. Emphasis is placed on post-processing stock optical fibers to achieve better system performance.

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