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Aditya Mahajan, Tejaswin Patil, Tejaswin Patil, Rani Bhandari, Supriya Rajankar


Optical networks are becoming lesser and complex to Design. Method of defeating these barriers is to use network simulators for expanding a Optical network. This paper focus on to find out Optical network simulator is finest to design a network. The Simulators are differentiated by their features to provide environment in a network, they are follows: Name of simulator, Optical network Element, Language, Easy to deploy, Open flow switch, Free or paid. These Criteria are selected in objective and subjective manner in the comparison. Using these parameters, the best simulator is found. The evaluated optical network simulators are the well-known tools are follows 1. OMNet++ 2. OPNET 3. Opti wave 4. Opti System 5. Mininet 6. CNET 7. COOJA Simulator 8.NS3 9. Netsim 10. MATLAB.

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