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Design and optimization of Overhead Guard of Forklift for material handing-

Omkar Ghorpade, Yogesh Ingulkar, Rohit Argade


Material handling process is the process of movement of raw material, semi-finished goods, finished goods through various stages of production and warehousing. It has been seen that in many industries forklift equipment is widely used for different applications such as lifting, safe delivery of material such as huge boxes, Raw materials; cylindrical sections etc. During such operation there is possibility of accidents. Overhead guard is one of the important part of forklift as it protects operator if any object falls on the operator cabin. The lifting and excavating industry are not as advanced as automotive in the use of various CAE tools and FEA techniques for designing and development of heavy machinery. There is still a lack of confidence in the integrity of the results from FE simulations and optimization and this becomes a barrier to the adoption of virtual prototyping for vehicle verification. Based on the international standard for Falling Object Protective Structures (FOPS) as an initial input to the method of testing, the main aim of this study was to generate as much test data as possible to correlate the Finite Element (FE) simulations of tests - a static test. The static test was performed on the overhead guard so that it will deform in a slow controlled manner and it will be easy to correlate results of the experimentally measured data to FEA of overheadguard.
materialhandling, forklift,overheadgaurd,OSHA,ISO.

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