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Skid Plate Development without upgrading the material properties

Mr. Shailesh M Chaudhari, Prof. Amol N. Patil


The objective of this paper is to show that how the development of skid plate can achieve without increasing the gauge and upgrading the material properties. Factors which influence skid plate like ground clearance, load on skid plate, vehicle weight, rail width, shape and the general shape of the object for which it is the skid plate's design and purpose is to protect ( transfer case, fuel tank etc.). This document also covers the CAE procedure to evaluate performance of skid plate for structural integrity under static load condition for vehicles. Bead plays an important role to increase the structural stiffness but challenge is how to decide bead patterns and bead pattern can be achieved by using topography optimization approach. The skid plate should absorb the damage and protect underneath parts and protect vehicle function ability. Paper will show ways to get a desirable guard or skid plate design. There are other benefits also described in it.

Keywords – CAE, Skid plate, Stiffness, Topography, material properties,thin films.

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