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Atul Yamagar, Mosim Mulla, Dipali Pawar, Yogini Thanedar


For high specific strength and modulus in variety of application, fiber-reinforced polymer has played a governing role for a long time. Synthetic or natural fiber may be used for reinforcement in reinforced plastic. Many studies has shown that glass, carbon etc. which are synthetic fibers have been used in fiber reinforced plastics but it has high production cost which reduces its application area. In this paper, Silk, jute and cotton which is abundantly available in India and also strong lightweight and cheap is used to form composite material and experiments have been done. In the present study, mechanical behavior viz. hardness, flexural strength and impact strength has been studied for different compositions of jute, silk and cotton. For this experimental study, weigh fraction of fiber and matrix has been kept 50%-50%. ASTM standards have been used for specimen preparation and tests are conducted in laboratory with proper set up.
Keywords: Composite material, Natural Fibers, Resin, Mechanical Properties

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