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Evolution of Present Nanoscale-Transistor Models: A Review

Atul Raut, Madan Mali



This paper offers a comprehensive study of several nanodevices used for the manufacture of IC integrated circuits. Nanodevices such as FinFETs, nanotubes, nanowires, and quantum dots are studied. This document analyzes the properties of all devices and offers the future of CMOS devices. It has been concluded that devices such as FinFET, nanotubes and nanowires are used to design circuits and that future expansion of MOS according to Moore's law will need novel semiconductor materials for dielectrics and high carrier mobility channels, as well as a groundbreaking structure of transistors. A detailed comparison was also made for further studies. It takes time to work on devices so new that they can be used on a large-scale integration chip (VLSI). This document aims to present the device, which will have promising performance parameters, such as power dissipation, speed, losses, and supply voltage.

Keywords: nanodevices, IC, FinFET, nanotubes, nanowires

Cite this Article: Atul Raut, Madan Mali. Evolution of Present Nanoscale-Transistor Models: A Review. International Journal of Solid State Materials. 2020; 6(1): 17–23p.

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