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Studies on Energy Density Enhancement of Supercapacitors by using Nanostructure Materials

Valarmathi M., Ganesan J., Dharaneeswari J., Sindhu A.



Energy storage device plays important role in modern technologies. Supercapacitor (SC) is an electronic device which is used to store extremely large amount of electrical charges. In this paper the characteristics and types of energy storage devices, advantages and disadvantages was discussed in simple manner. Nanoparticles plays important role to improve the various properties of energy storage systems. Technology challenges and recent developments towards improve the SCs energy density was discussed.

Keywords: superconductivity, particles, supercapacitor (SC), electrode, electrolyte

Cite this Article: Valarmathi M., Ganesan J., Dharaneeswari J., Sindhu A. Studies on Energy density Enhancement of Supercapacitors by using Nanostructure Materials. International Journal of Solid State Materials. 2020; 6(1): 8–16p.

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