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Review of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Optical Property to change Color under Temperature change and its Use

Michael Shoikhedbrod


Among the currently existing methods for diagnosing breast cancer among women, medical thermal imaging (thermography) is the only diagnostic method that makes it possible to assess the thermal processes in a woman's breast. This article, along with a description of the methods for diagnosing breast cancer existing in the scientific literature, reveals the remarkable property of cholesteric liquid crystal to change its color under its temperature changes, which permitted to develop a completely new device for obtaining a higher-quality, high-precision contrast image of a benign or malignant tumor, if it is diagnosed among women, by usual and convenient for women during diagnostics process method, permitting completely covers and fixes the female breast. Device does not require pressing by special plate, contained the mixture of cholesteric liquid crystal, or directly coating by the mixture of cholesteric liquid crystal the female breast, the high economic expenditures, expensive equipment, time on the cooling, is absolutely harmless and simple.

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