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Smart Hydroponic Ecosystem for Vertical Farming

Shubham Ramgundwar, Dr. Omprakash Rajankar


In a country like India, with dance and growing population, the scarcity of land and high demand of food is the fact. The proposed system, SMART HYDROPONIC FARMING ECOSYSTEM(SHFE), is a new trend in Farming culture in which vertical farming and soil-less farming are combined. It can be seen as one of the future farming methods. SHFE is a smart autonomous system that consists of an IOT based controller to keep track of plant growth. Plants growing in the Hydroponic system get their nutrition from the nutrient solution which is provided to them instead of soil. The controller present in the SHFE controls different parameters of nutrient solution and surroundings like temperature, moisture, pH level, and conductivity. By maintaining these parameters on a proper threshold for a given plant, the proposed system can give more production in the same area. Thus, an efficient farming system can be implemented. This system can be used by non-proficient people to grow plants in a small area of their rooftop and can also be used by a professional farmer for increasing production rate in their farms. To make these things possible, the proposed system consists of a user-friendly Android App interface that is used to monitor and control the plant's health status with the help of the IOT interface.

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