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Smart Snacks Vending Machine using Cashless Payment

Arbaz Shaikh, Ashish Maske, Omprakash Rajankar


This project shows the experimental design and detail study of snacks vending machine that can be used for the transaction of various snack items. It can be deployed in various places such as offices, shops, malls, marketplaces where cashless transaction can be possible. The proposed vending machine has the several benefit, i.e. product can be purchased by making online payment by using Android application so no need to use coins or notes for product purchase. The transactions done in the machine can be monitored easily by the machine owner using Paytm Dashboard. The system has various payment options such as Paytm, UPI, Debit card, etc. The machine has Stock Alert Message system and hence owner will get stock alert messages easily in absence of product in the vending machine through the GSM transmitter. The Smart Snacks Vending Machine is built with a smart IOT device where PIC is used as Controller, IR Sensor detection system is used to capture the product dispense status, Power Supply, LCD 16×2 as Display, keys are used to update stock in a machine. The Communication between Machine controller and Android Phone is done using Bluetooth Technology. Normal transaction, Online monitoring, IR Detection and Stock Alert messaging operations will lead the Machine to act as smartly and it is fully touching less machine and useful in corona virus disease situation to reduce human contact for product purchase.
Keywords— IOT, GSM, MIT, LCD,vending machine,smart snacks.

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