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Review Paper on Smart Water Management System

S. Kavitha


Water is the most profitable, valuable and fundamental need of all individuals. Nowadays, we are facing many issues regarding water wastage, water consumption and quality monitoring in tanks. Therefore, efficient use and water monitoring are potential constraints for home, apartments or office water management systems. Smart water meter is a device that measures the amount of water consumed by householders who have the device fitted within their premises. In this paper, I have proposed a solution to calculate the flow rate and quality of water consumed by individual householders and sends it to the cloud to monitor the water consumption and quality. Also, this system comprises several sensors to measure the physical and chemical parameters of the water like level of the tank and pH value of water. The sensed output is processed and sends it to the controller. By placing this proposed system in an apartment/home, it is possible to collect and analyze the water usage patterns of the residents and save a lot of water from wastage.

Keywords: sensor, ultrasonic sensor, PH sensor, flow sensor, Arduino Board, Wi-Fi module.

Cite this Article: S. Kavitha, Review Paper on Smart Water Management System. International Journal of Optical Sciences. 2019; 5(2): 31–35p.

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