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Design and Assessment of IOT based P10 LED Scrolling Display

Mr. Ravindra Parab


Display advertising and marketing play an importing role in marketing and there are several advertisement strategies like newspapers, posters, glow signboards, and so forth. But digital LED boards are becoming famous nowadays because of their consistency and benefits. Even though they may be a bit expensive nonetheless they may be long lasting and customizable, just like the advertising text may be changed effortlessly every time and they also can be used as virtual note Board at any public place. We previously used an 8x8 LED matrix with many forums to manipulate the textual content displayed over it, today we can use the P10 display with Arduino.

Keywords: IOT, LED, microcontroller, LDR (light dependent resistor), circuit.

Cite this Article: Ravindra Parab. Design and Assessment of IOT based P10 LED Scrolling Display. International Journal of Optical Sciences. 2019; 5(2): 15–22p.

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