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Biometric Based Secured EVM System

Mrs.D. Santhiya, Ms.B. Suganya, V. Parthiban, P. Gurunath.


Voting system ensures authentication of a person by means of matching fingerprints and eligibility is checked by calculating the age of the voter hence making the existing voting cards redundant. This project proposes a secure e-voting system that uses UIDAI or VOTER ID info as its backend. At the time of voting in the elections, Voter must enter his/her ID. If that ID is present in our database, Detail of info of voter will be displayed in Monitor. Then it drives the next finger authentication stage. Otherwise it will end the session. The authentication can be completed using finger vein sensing with the assist of fingerprint module. It allows the authenticated voters to vote on voting server. At the last, the GSM module is used to send SMS for the person to self-confirm.

Keywords: Biometric, GSM, LCD, Electronics voting machine, fingerprint scanner.

Cite this Article: D. Santhiya, B. Suganya, V. Parthiban, P. Gurunath. Biometric Based Secured EVM System. International Journal of Optical Sciences. 2019; 5(2): 6–14p.

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